Real BBQ Experience with the Best Charcoal Smoker and Grills – 2020

Best Charcoal Smoker and Grills

There are many good reasons why charcoal smoking is enjoying a prominent standing amongst all BBQ competitors and enthusiasts for centuries.

The slow and low charcoal cooking is mainly known for its crunchy bark and incredible flavors, and today, you will come across with many Top Rated Smokers that enable you to achieve those elements in your food.

You will find a variety of charcoal smokers with different configurations- the offset smokers, drum smokers, and also the Best Vertical Smokers. But it is necessary that you consider certain essential points to make the right selection of Best Charcoal Grill Smoker.

To find the top-rated and best charcoal smoker, you need to consider a few crucial criteria, which are discussed below, along with the review of some best smoker for the money.

Top 8 Best Charcoal Smokers Comparison Chart and Ratings


The performance of best charcoal smoker is best checked by its capacity to generate even heating and moving the smoke throughout the smoker.

You need to check how efficient it is to evenly distribute the heat and smoke across the cooking area to infuse the smoky flavors into the cooked food. For this, you need to check the size of the firebox and ensure that it allows you to add and manipulate the fuel efficiently when cooking.

Also, check its airflow and temperature controls and overall design of the smoker. The best type of smoker takes all these factors into account and offers you the best smoking results.


Charcoal smoker DurabilityThe second most important factor which is required to consider when buying best charcoal smoker is the durability of the smoker. It is necessary that you choose the smokers that are built from high quality, robust materials which are capable of tolerating the weather, and repeated smoking for years with less maintenance.

Apart from giving you easy handling of charcoal ashes and fatty drippings from smoking meat, the Best Rated Smokers must be thick enough to sustain the heat for even and proper cooking and smoking of the foods.

The Size

When looking for the best charcoal smoker, you must always consider its size first. The offset smokers are usually larger with barrel style grill or larger square chambers with smoker attached to its side.

There are some drum smokers which are larger and ugly in look. You can look for the best vertical smokers that would have small footprints as compared to any other charcoal smokers.

The vertical smokers usually stand about 40 to 50 inches tall and comprise the diameter between 14 and 25 inches.

The vertical smokers are taller but still not have too much surface area for cooking.

Size of Cooking Area

You need to understand that most of the meats that are considered best for smoking usually come in big chunks, and hence the size of the cooking area needs to be considered while looking for best charcoal smoker. The vertical smokers usually have more than one cooking grate or shelf, and this simply doubles up the cooking spaces.

  • You must avoid buying the smokers in diameter less than 16 to 20 inches as you will struggle a lot and can’t offer spaces for Easiest Meat to Smoke.
  • The best home smoker is the one that comes with height adjustable shelves as it offers more versatility with different cuts of meat.
  • The kettle grills and offset smokers usually come with a single large cooking area that is measured in squares.

Portability of the Smoker

Portability of the SmokerNothing can be more enjoyable and enthralling than camping with friends, outdoor, and smoking your own meats. You can also sit around the smoker at night to smoke your bacon for breakfast in next morning. If you are looking for a portable and Best Small Smoker for camping or other outdoor activities, then bullet-style charcoal smoker and grill is the ultimate option.

It comes with three different sections for easy storing in the trunk. They are lightweight and easy to carry to any distance location for the smoking of your meats and fish that you catch while camping.

Ease of Cleaning

Ease of CleaningIf you leave your smoker unchecked, then the charcoal ashes would mix with fat drippings and water, which would produce harmful chemicals and moisture that may damage the material of the smoker.

So, ensure to choose the best charcoal smoker, which gives you easy access to areas where food debris and charcoal ashes are usually collected so that you can clean it properly and maximize the lifespan of the smoker. Look for removable pans which make cleaning of the ashes easier and faster.

So, look for such models which can be disassembled for proper cleaning and can be assembled again after cleaning for the efficient smoking experience.

The Material of Charcoal Smoker

The overall cost of the best charcoal smoker is decided based on the cooking area, size, features, and material that is used for designing it. The best expensive brands make use of thicker materials, especially enabled metals which can retain the heat for a longer period.

  • Choosing thin material for the sake of saving money means the temperature will fluctuate while cooking, and smoking would be uneven indeed.
  • Apart from built quality and material, you also need to check the legs of the charcoal smoker and ensure that they are stable. It must have good sealed construction with better insulation, which can retain the smokes and heat for a longer period.
  • The doors for the firebox and smoking chamber must be sealed perfectly to prevent the smoke and heat from escaping the smoker.

Reviews of Best Charcoal Smoker

“BEAU JARDIN 18 inch Portable Charcoal Grill”

1 18 inch Portable Charcoal Grill Small Camping GrillsBEAU JARDIN is the brand that manufactures the best charcoal smoker and grill, and this is one of the best portable charcoal grill smokers that cokes with durable 18” diameter of cooking area, which is sufficient for any meal for grilling. This is the portable and lightweight kettle smoker and grill that comes with two upgraded bowl handles and durable wheels for easy transporting from one place to another in the camping site.

  • The smoker is designed with rust-resistant aluminum air vent damper, which is adjustable and allows proper heat control and retention without having to lift the lid while smoking or cooking.
  • The upgraded handles allow you to lift the smoker gradually to add charcoal or adjust the fuel easily.
  • This charcoal smoker is designed with heavy-duty, highly durable plated steel of charcoal grade that can withstand the heat of the charcoal fire and make it suitable for direct and indirect grilling through its charcoal grate.
  • It comprises large porcelain enabled coating bowl and lid that retains the heat and airflow for even smoking and grilling.

There is a lid hanger hook under the lid which can be used to hang to the handle of the smoker without the hassles of lifting and putting it on the ground. It has a tray where the charcoal ashes are collected as it moves down from the smoker, and this makes cleaning and ash disposal easier and faster.


  • Easy to carry because it is lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Ultimate heat control and retention


  • Not suitable for a large chunk of meats for smoking

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“Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker”

2 Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset SmokerWith this Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker, you can now take smoking to another level and smoke your favourite foods with your favourite wood chips and other fuel sources.

Inches for larger foods. It can accommodate different sizes and types of foods. This smoker offers indirect heat for even and slows cooking, and this ensures to infuse the smoke flavours efficiently.

  • This offset smoker is designed to keep the direct heat away from food, and this prevents the food from bottom racks from overcooking and burning.
  • The smoker also features the porcelain enamelled charcoal chamber, which is included to keep the briquettes stacked securely for enhanced burn efficiency.
  • The charcoal smoker comes with a steel pan which is removable, and it can collect larger amount of charcoal ashes, which prevents you from frequent cleaning of the pan.

It has 6 height-adjustable cooking grates, which enable you to customize the cooking and also increases the burn efficiency.

You can easily boost your cooking precision and temperature control by using the steel smoke stack’s adjustable flue. You can also find the perfect temperature for infusing the smoke flavour with its steel temperature gauge with the Smoke Zone indicator.

This vertical offset charcoal smoker is designed to trap maximum smoke flavours, and it includes 6 height-adjustable cooking grates with a total area of 1176 sq.


  • Customize your cooking with its 6 height adjustable grates
  • Expand your culinary horizon with its large capacity and multi-functional BBQ
  • Cooks meat slowly and low in smoker body


  • Can’t be carried to any other location as it is no portable

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“Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D 36″ Vertical Charcoal Smoker”

3 Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D 36inch Vertical Charcoal SmokerEnjoy BBQ with the best charcoal smoker that comes with four adjustable cooking grates with over 748 sq. Inches of cooking area to handle a larger chunk of meats and your favourite foods. This charcoal smoker is designed to help you achieve the classic smokehouse flavour as it cooks the meat in low and slow heat, from brisket to rubs and more you can cook them all because of its larger cooking area.

  • You can customize your cooking experience as it can accommodate different types and sizes of food with its 4 height-adjustable cooking grates made out of stainless steel of food-grade.
  • This charcoal smoker is easy to handle and suitable for both veteran and beginner BBQ enthusiasts.

This charcoal smoker comes with a larger capacity water bowl, which is designed with heavy gauge porcelain-enameled steel, and this ensures tender, juicy meats with enhanced smoky flavours.

It also features the 15000 BTU cast iron burners, which can be ignited with a push of a button, and it releases a consistent pulse of fire for easy and quick lighting.

The temperature gauge of the smoker also features a Smoke Zone, which indicates the suitable temperatures for smoking, cooking, and infusing the smoke flavours into the foods.

The smoker comes with a large wood chip box that is made out of porcelain heavy gauge steel, which can maintain the heat for longer hours.


  • Larger wood chip box
  • Temperature gauge features a Smoke Zone
  • Larger 15000 BTU Cast iron Burner


  • Quite heavy and can’t be towed to the camping site

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“Realcook Vertical 17 Inch Steel Charcoal Smoker”

4 Realcook Vertical 17 Inch Steel Charcoal SmokerRealcook Vertical Charcoal Smoker is designed to give the users with the best smoker grill experience, all thanks to its controllable air supply and dual layers design, which make smoking and grilling quite efficient. The smoker will give the users with full control over smoking and grilling. You can use it for BBQ with friends and family anywhere and anytime.

The smoker can be used both for hot and cold smoking, and it offers you different ways to cook, grills, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and offers higher flexibility. The smoker features the built-in thermometer with detailed temperature control and adjustable air supply on its lid for efficient temperature control. It also comes with a porcelain-enameled water pan and charcoal pan that offers stable and comfortable use.

It also features Bakelite handles to make transport of the smoker easier and comfortable.

The smoker features 2 pieces of cooking girds that offer a total cooking surface of 453 sq. Inches and has a crossbar, 4 hangers inside lid, and also more, which allows you to smoke different types and sizes of meats.

The smoker comes with the multi-functional capability and latches locking system, which is easy to assemble and use.

The two layers of design make it easier for cleaning and transporting the smoker from one place to another.

The latch lock system offers the grill or smoker more stability, and it features three stainless steel legs for better stability.


  • 2 access doors with latch locking system
  • Multifunctional and allows you were cooking in different ways
  • Comes with build-in thermometer with detailed temperature


  • Lacks in temperature control gauge and meter

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Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker

5 Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset SmokerEnjoy dual style grilling and delicious gourmet meals with this Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset smoker, which is compact in design and versatile in grilling and smoking. It can easily fit into your balconies, patios, decks for smoking, and grilling, and it comes with porcelain-enameled cooking grates which are durable and allows you to regulate the temperature efficiently.

  • The cooking chamber of the smoker features an adjustable charcoal pan for even and optimal heating, and it offers an extra 183 sq. Inches of cooking which is not only good for cooking smoky foods but also enable orating the side dishes.
  • It has the lid-mounted temperature gauge design, and this offers you added convenience to control the temperature for grilling and smoking foods. The scale proof handle design of the smoker stays cool always regardless of the temperature.
  • This is the dual style BBQ, which combines both charcoal grill and offset smoker, which allows you to experience smoked meats and grilled meats at the same time.

The dual dampers are adjustable, and this helps to control the heat needed for cooking. You simply need to lift the handles to increase or lower the fire pan to two different levels or controlling the distance between food and charcoal for optimal grilling. It also comes with a removable ash pan, which is easy for cleaning the ashes, and the side access doors make tending of charcoals quickly and easily.


  • Comes with storage racks
  • Dual style BBQ experience
  • Two adjustable dampers to control heat as per cooking need


  • Legs were not correctly leveled

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“Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal Smoker”

6 Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal SmokerEnjoy the best of smoking and grilling with this new Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal Smoker, which is durable, high in quality, and a superior performer in smoking at an affordable rate. This smoker comes with a superior airflow system, which simplifies the settings of the smoker and maintains the ultimate smoking temperature for a large variety of meats and foods.

The smoker features a durable porcelain-coated steel body and components for cooking which can resist rust and corrosion, while still being efficient in cleaning. The smoker comes with a removable ash pan, which allows you to clean the smoker and dispose of all the charcoal ashes after hours of cooking and smoking.

This makes cleaning simple and efficient. Sated with different advanced features, this smoker offers excellent performance without burning a hole in your pocket.

The smoker comes with 388 sq. Inches of cooking space and innovative airflow control which allows you to enjoy cooking and grilling of your meats efficiently.

Apart from the larger cooking area, it also features 2 porcelain-coated grates that are easy to clean, and it prevents the sticking of foods.

The smoker also features the lid-mounted temperature gauge, which is easy to read and enables you to monitor the temperature easily and quickly while cooking foods inside it.

The smoker comes with superior quality fire access doors, which enable the users to manage the smoke flow across the smoker for optimal cooking and smoking experience.


  • Convenient and easy removable ash pan
  • Durable porcelain-coated steel body
  • Innovative airflow control with larger cooking area


  • Cooking area size is average

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“Americana Charcoal Combo Water Smoker”

7 Americana Charcoal Combo Water SmokerAmericana Charcoal Combo Water Smoker is the innovative charcoal smoker that can be converted into the lock and go grill, making it the top choice for camping and outdoor activities. It comes with an interlocking base and durable body which can be converted into a lock and go grill for your camping site or backyard. It comes with a chimney-like design with a loose-fitting vented lid that maintains the temperature and ensures to retain proper temperature for even cooking sand grilling. The tight-fitting doors of the smoker ensure to create a consistent flow of air for a new smoker, and this maximizes the flavours. You can reduce the smoke flow easily without the need to extinguish the source of smoking by simply shutting the events and only allowing the smoke to vent and regulate around the hood perimeter.

This charcoal smoker comes with a slow cooking feature which enables your food to enjoy maximum flavour and moisture, and this ensures you to have perfectly juicy and tender meat always with fewer efforts.

The smoker also features the temperature gauge, which is only for references.

The high winds or extreme temperatures can lengthen or shorten the grilling and smoking process. So, it is necessary that you use a meat thermometer to know the doneness.

There are sliding access doors which can be used for adding or checking the charcoal and water levels. It features chrome-plated cooking grids with handles for two-level cooking.


  • 351 sq. inches of useable cooking area
  • Stainless steel 5.5-quart water pan
  • Chrome played cooking grates


  • Temperature gauge is only for reference

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“Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr, Red Charcoal kamado Grill”

8 Char-Griller E06614 AKORN JrThis the portable and compact size griller that features heat gauge, dual dampers, and triple wall steel with insulation to offer ultimate grilling experience. The griller comes with cast iron cooking grates which keep the fire up and low for grilling your meats with less charcoal.

  • This is a compact size small griller, but it very versatile that is designed to last with its triple-walled 22 gauge steel, and this ensures to maintain the cooking temperatures from 200 to 700 degrees.

The top and bottom adjustable dampers ensure to maintain the airflow into the smoker and outside while smoking or cooking. Because of its Kamado design, it is fuel-efficient and consumes less charcoal for smoking and grilling.

  • It also features a powder-coated exterior finish and porcelain-coated steel interior with 153 sq. Inches of cooking spaces which is designed with cast iron.

It also comes with easy dump charcoal ash pan, which makes disposal of ashes easier and faster.

Despite being compact in size, it offers plenty of room for grilling at the camping site, park, backyard, and tailgating. It has a bottom damper which ensures to maintain proper airflow, and it is precise for temperature control.

It is perfect for high heat sear and slow smoking cooks. It features two durable handles, which are easy for grilling and portability on the go and have short and stronger legs to keep the smoker stable.


  • Bottom damper and ash pan
  • Adjustable top damper
  • Solid steel construction


  • Not suitable for larger pieces of meats

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