Tips for Smoking Meat on a Gas Grill to Get the Smoky Flavors

Tips for Smoking Meat on a Gas Grill

  • Gas grills are considered best for direct and indirect grilling and spit roasting, but in the smoking part is not very efficient.
  • This is because of the wide venting located at the back of the gas grills, which allow the smokes to escape before it gets the chance to infuse the flavor into the grilled meat or foods.
  • But today, you will come across with some high-end gas grills which are equipped with a metal smoker box separately which is located on top of the dedicated burner.
  • The ultimate smoky flavor that you get from the best charcoal smoker and grill is missing when you grill the meat on gas grills.
  • There are some techniques of smoking meat on a gas grill, which can help you achieve a partial smoke flavor on gas grills.

Built-In Smoker Box

As mentioned, there are some high-end models of gas grills that come with separate smoker box located right on top of the gas burner.

This is the metal tray with a perforated lid that sits above the burner to heat the wood to smoldering. When it comes to smoking meat on a gas grill for a smoky flavor, you need to fill the smoker box with pellets or wood chips and light the burner.

Gradually the smoke will emerge from the holes available in the lid, and this will give the grilled food the mild smoky flavor.

This is the best tip when you are smoking meat at home.

However, it is not suitable when you are using the gas grill for Cold Smoking Meat. Although the gas grills with a built-in smoker box are a bit more expensive than the traditional gas grill models.

Freestanding Smoker Box

This is the model that works like a built-in smoker box.

The only difference is that you need to place the freestanding smoker box on the grate over one of the gas burners. But, this releases a very mild smoke flavor, hence you will get grilled meat with a mild smoky aroma.

This is the best tip when you are smoking meat on a gas grill for a smoky flavor.

Wood Chunks Under Grate

Wood ChunksThis is considered to be the most efficient and simplest way for smoking meat on a gas grill with a smoky flavor. For this, you are simply required to remove the grate and put a half dozen of wood chunks between the heat diffuser bars or on the ceramic briquettes.

When you light the burner, you will see wisps of smoke escaping from the grill smoker, you simply need to place the food on the grate over the wood and this will add the smoke to the foods for a good smoky flavor.

Aluminum Foil Smoker Pouch

Smoking meat for beginners is not always easy. Most are not aware of the techniques required for adding the smoky flavor to the grilled meat or foods. With an easy aluminum foil smoker pouch, they can achieve the required smokiness to be infused to the grilled meats.

You are required to wrap a few wood chips in large sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil and make pillow-shaped pouches. Then poke a series of holes and place the smoker pouch under the grate over the burner.

Turn on the grill, and you should see smoke releasing, reduce the heat to the desired temperature. This is the most effective technique for Smoking Meat on a Gas Grill to get the best smoky flavor.

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